The Yogasanas work the whole body and revitalize all physiological systems thereof. As each asana cultivates the same time the body and mind, the result of the practice of yoga leads to a healthy mind in a healthy body. Asanas and pranayama through the ages until today. They are useful to all men and women looking for perfect health and bliss.41vIE5WNQiL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_

Ancient texts nevertheless stressed the importance of the correct practice of asanas. An erroneous practice could lead to unpleasant effects or even health damage.

There is a big difference between yoga and exercise. Asanas have a psycho-physiological dimension, which is not the case for other purely external physical exercises. Although asanas develop body awareness, they also experience an inner awareness, and stabilize the mind. Yoga cultivates body and mind. In yoga, in addition to the common precision other physical exercises, cultivated a deeper awareness that balances the body and mind.

As physical exercises, asanas build muscles, reduce stiffness, and make body movements freer. Yet asanas cater more to the physiological body and vital organs that physical body. They strengthen and revitalize the internal organs. Each Asana has an effect on the entire system. It is an organic exercise which removes toxins.

Asanas and pranayama are very beneficial for the optimum functioning of the brain, nerves and spinal column.

Yoga can be practiced by all and at any age. It is especially beneficial for people over 40 years old whose body recovery powers decline and disease resistance decreases. It makes energetic and full of vitality.

From the book “Yoga, A Gem for Women” by Geeta Iyengar