What does a yoga class consist of?

During a class, we explore with precision and in detail the body in the different asanas (postures) to develop flexibility, strength and awareness. There are four categories of postures: standing, seated, forward bends,  backbends and pranayama (breathing control).

The standing postures are the basic postures, which assist in the development of balance, the distribution of the body weight between the feet and the legs, develop flexibility and strengthen the body. It is said that the standing postures break inertia and reinforce dynamism.

With regard to the seated postures, they are the most recognisable postures in the first books on yoga. This is not surprising as one of the etymological roots of the word  asana is to be “seated”. The seated postures assist in the development of tranquillity and concentration, help in the awareness of breath control and are used in meditation. In this way, the seated postures have become known for their calming, steadying and invigorating effects. They also assist in the flexibility of the hips, the stretching of the spine and strengthen the back muscles.

The backbends, are known for their energising and stimulating effects. Our daily life does not include this type of movement: it is more frequent to stretch forward, which allows a whole series of inexplored possibilites of movement. The arcs represent the opening, the expansion and the vitality. The breathing is observed during the postures but also during the pranayama (breathing) exercises.

The relaxation brings each class to a close, in a calm, relaxed and free of any stress-related nervousness.





The use of non-slip mats, blocks, straps, blankets, chairs etc assist in making the postures accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, or physical condition. All materials are available on site.propsColor200x142

Please note: – be on time. we begin each class with preparatory practices . It is disruptive to other students if you arrive late… it may even be unsafe if you arrive late and miss the preparation for the poses. In this way, I will be able to modify the poses for your benefit.